Unit 42

Unit 42

Unit 42 was a Royal Homeland Constabulary tactical team designed for investigation, infiltration, and other specialized missions under the direct supervision of Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft. The unit was officially commissioned in 499 A.O.V. and operated out of the city of Flint.

Unit 42 Dramatis Personae:
Reginald Battersea – Human Artificer
Victor Bays – Human Wizard
- Daisy, Meerkat Familiar
Gareth Carter – Human Swordmage
Casimiro del Garra – Razorclaw Shifter Monk/Shaman
- Rosalina, Owlbear Companion
Reynard – Fox Hengeyokai Rogue

Unit 42 History:


Spring, 499 A.O.V. – For their first assignment, Unit 42 was tasked with tracking down the missing tiefling engineer Geoff Massarde who had apparently been abducted from his own apartment in the middle of the night. In a matter of hours, the team learned he had been taken by an elf woman named Edrea, who was trying to impress the Unseen Court by handing over Massarde and his plans for the king’s new pet project, the R.N.S. Coaltongue. Just minutes before the hand off was to take place, Unit 42 saved Massarde and arrested Edrea, saving the king from certain embarrassment and earning the gratitude of the most powerful engineer in Risur.

The Island at the Axis of the World

Spring, 500 A.O.V. – Because of their success rescuing Geoff Massarde the previous year, the tiefling specifically asked for Unit 42 to work security for the launch of the R.N.S. Coaltongue, his greatest project. They were responsible for security before and after the launch, where they discovered a plot by the king’s sister to destroy the ship by overheating the boiler and escape to who-knows-where. After some quick thinking, courtesy of Reginald Battersea, they were able to save the ship, and the lives of everyone on board, by using the ship’s capacitor and brand to dissipate the energy in the boiler and give all of the partying dignitaries a show at the same time.

Summer, 500 A.O.V. – The Duchess escaped and she and her loyalists sailed to Axis Island, a Danoran controlled island in the Yerasol Archipelago, invaded, and took it over. In order to prevent a war, Unit 42 was sent, along with the more battle-tested Unit 23, to infiltrate the fortress and open the sea gate so the Risur navy could capture the Duchess and give the island back to their would-be allies. After a tragic accident killed most of Unit 23, Unit 42 stepped up to carry on the mission. They experienced some of the island’s more interesting, and dangerous, properties, used a Passwall scroll to infiltrate the fort, and sneaked their way to the lighthouse in time to signal the fleet. All they had to do was hold off the Duchess’s men for a few minutes, and the route was on.

Summer, 500 A.O.V., cont. – After holding off the Duchess’s soldiers at the lighthouse, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the Risuri forces, along with Captain Rutger Smith and the crew of the R.N.S. Impossible, took the base back. Now, it was up to Unit 42 to get to the inner keep and capture the Duchess herself, the only problem was, they had to get there before the Eladrin Vakeshi Mystic Asrabey Varal. They fought through a burning hedge maze and climbed to the top of the keep before they faced off against Varal, and with the Duchess’s help, they escaped back through the maze, barely clinging to their own lives.

Interlude One

Winter, 500 A.O.V. – Unit 42 was called to the home of wealthy farmer Thoman Van Meter, who received an animal messenger that his daughter had been kidnapped, and he needed the constables to track her down and return her. They found a note to the kidnappers from a contact of theirs and traced their route through Pine Island and Parity Lake before tracking them back to the Van Meter family tombs, where they had been killed by the animated corpses of the Van Meter clan and then revived as spirits, who couldn’t get to their quarry because they were trapped partially in the Bleak Gate. The constables stopped them and rescued the girl, and returned her safely to her father.

The Dying Skyseer

Summer, Day One, 501 A.O.V. – On the first day of Summer, a young woman named Nilasa Hume jumped from the top story of the Danoran Consulate and impaled herself on the fence below. Unit 42 was assigned the case, which led them after a mysterious foreign doctor, into a bar filled with revolution-minded intellectuals, through the heart of a passionate factory protest, and up a cloudy mountain to talk to the old Skyseer Nevard Sechim who needs them to help him have one last vision on top of the haunted Cauldron Hill. In exchange he has agreed to set up a meeting with the elf terrorist Gale, who hopefully has information they can use to figure out what’s really going on inside the Consulate, and who exactly is this mysterious Officer Porter?

Summer, Day Two, 501 A.O.V. – After waking up at Nevard’s Henge, and a brief stop at HQ to bring Asst. Chief Inspector Delft up to speed on their progress so far, the unit headed to Pine Island to question a few of Nilasa’s old accomplices, and to see if they could track down her fey pepper and elixir supplier. From the criminals, they learned of someone named the House Elf, who was Nilasa’s partner in the smuggling operation she was dealing for the Family. They also tracked the elixir to an apothecary run by a gnome named Danisca, who they ended up having to subdue and take in to custody before making their meeting with Reed Macbannin, the mayor of the Nettles, to get permission to go to the top of Cauldron Hill that evening.

Summer, Day Two, 501 A.O.V., cont. – The constables took the skyseer to the top of Cauldron Hill, where they had to protect him from the bitter cold and the swirling mass of hundreds of spooks from the mountain. A shadowy figure interrupted their night by throwing a sunrod into the midst of their camp, causing the creatures to attack, and after a quick and bloody fight, the skyseer had what he needed for his dreams. He asked the constables to see to his nephew, who they had all seen bad portents for in their shared visions on the mountain.

Summer, Day Three, 501 A.O.V. – The constables rushed to Heward Sechim’s factory to find a pair of dragonborn brothers preparing to burn it to the ground. The dragonborn fought the constables back, and escaped, but the factory was mostly saved. After getting a few hours sleep, the constables returned to RHC headquarters to interrogate the Waryeyes and learned where and when the smuggling job was going down. Later, a meeting with a cruel crimeboss helped them locate the at-large Dr. Von Recklinghausen, which they decided to look into before their meeting with Gale at 5 o’clock that afternoon.

Summer, Day Three, 501 A.O.V., cont. – After their meeting with Lorcan Kell, the constables decided to see if they could learn anything at the Danoran barge, the deed of which they found in an alleyway by the Consulate. They learned it was shipping things up the Stanfield Canal, but otherwise it was a bit of a dead end. They went to their meeting with Gale, who told them about activity she discovered in the Bleak Gate, and encouraged them to rescue Dr. Von Recklinghausen as soon as they could. They headed to the Nettles, fought off the shadowy man posing as Officer Porter, and escaped just before men seeking to cover up this newly discovered conspiracy could silence them forever.

Summer, Day Four, 501 A.O.V. – Unit 42 made their way to an old, strange warehouse to investigate rumors of an uneasy feeling, and the smell of burnt engine grease. There they found a group of technicians, guarded by a large witchoil golem, who had just finished creating some sort of mutated jaguar. Afterward, they made their way to Dawn Square to see Nevard’s speech. They stopped a potential threat by defeating a group of disguised skeletons, but then when the skyseer was attacked by the same cats they had discovered only hours earlier, they were less lucky. As the old man died in the arms of Casimiro del Garra, he passed on his vision of the threat facing the city of Flint.

Unit 42 Prestige:
1 – Dockers
2 – Flint
2 – Royal Homeland Constabulary
0 – The Unseen Court

Unit 42

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