Zeitgeist Chronicles

Session 11 Summary

The Dying Skyseer

The morning after Unit 42’s escape from Leone Quital and his men, they discussed what to do with their time before the skyseer’s announcement. Gareth Carter, Reginald Battersea, and Casimiro del Garra chose to spend the morning properly equipping themselves – it had been a while since they had had some rest and a chance to get some new equipment. But, Reynard wanted to check out Dawn Square for any suspicious activity and Victor Bays agreed to join him.

When they arrived, construction of the stage had just completed, and the crowds had not quite arrived, so they were free to investigate whatever they wanted. Specifically, Reynard was still a bit jumpy about the dragonborn arsonists they had run across and wanted to make sure there were no firegems scattered around anywhere. They found nothing of the sort. Reynard shifted into fox-form to chat with the local wildlife and learned from a helpful chipmunk that nothing strange had been going on, except for a strange smell in the air – like burnt engine grease.

Meanwhile, back at RHC headquarters, the others heard their fellow constable Carlao bring a report to Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft about an uneasy feeling near Dawn Square, and some reports of a strange smell, like burnt engine grease. Delft recognized this description from Unit 42’s reports, so he asked them to check this out, in case something was going down.

They stopped by Dawn Square to pick up the rest of their team, and headed toward the warehouses. After a quick use of Gale’s Detect Planar Energies ritual, they were able to follow the shadow trail to a nondescript warehouse that had two of the doors barred from the outside. They chose to remove the barricade and go through one of those doors, instead of the unbarred doors on the other side.

When they entered, they found a group of technicians working in a caged in lab. The technicians seemed quite surprised at their appearance, and ordered their bodyguard – a huge, lumbering golem powered by witchoil – to attack while they made their escape through a rusted iron ring in the floor.

The fight ranged all over the warehouse, and though the golem was tough, Unit 42 proved tougher, and though Carter was unconscious when the monstrosity went down, the rest of the group easily finished it off and revived their leader.

With the golem down, it seemed the technicians could no longer teleport away, and the constables were able to corner them, though they got no real good information from them. They were, however, able to gather up their documents, and learn of the experiments on the jaguars, as well as find a hand-written note. Confused, they turned this evidence in to the RHC, and made their way back to Dawn Square.

They had a few more minutes before the skyseer would arrive and make his announcement, so they decided to do one more cursory look around. Everything seemed normal enough. There was a group of druids set up near the stage, and just to be safe they asked them to move their stuff away. The druids remained silent, and shook their heads at the constables.

They asked again, and again the druids silently refused. So, Carter approached one, and saw it had a mask over his face. He forced the druid into his wagon, and when he did so, the mask fell off, revealing a skeletal face underneath the robes. The unit had uncovered the attackers.
The fight with these skeletons was quick work for the seasoned Unit 42, however, and as they finished off the last one, the skyseer walked by and nodded approvingly. He made his way up to the front of the stage, and as he did so a small child brought a folded up piece of paper to Carter, and told him that “a shadow man told me to give it to you.” Carter read it, and contemplated its meaning.

The skyseer began, but before he got very far into his speech, there were screams from the crowd as a pack of skinless, dripping jaguars charged from the fountain behind the stage. Before the constables had a chance to react, they were upon the skyseer and he was down where he stood just moments before.

The jaguars proved much tougher than the skeletons, and by the end of the fight, the constables, the skyseer’s body and the stage he once stood on were all covered in a thick layer of viscous, black witchoil while a horrified crowd looked on. The jaguars were defeated, but Nevard Sechim lay dying.

He called out for Casimiro del Garra, whom he knew had a connection with nature, and placed his wrinkled hands on the shaman’s forehead, projecting into him the vision he had received. As the dying skyseer left them, Unit 42 was left with more questions than answers.



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