Zeitgeist Chronicles

Session 9 Summary

Burning Buildings and Bloody Beatings

After their harrowing night on Cauldron Hill, the constables of Unit 42 raced to Heward Sechim’s factory, at the behest of his uncle, to find a pair of dragonborn and their minions setting up firegems around the perimeter, prepared to set them on fire. They ran up to stop them, and found themselves in the middle of an inferno almost immediately.

The dragonborn down below (they would later learn his name was Eberardo) stood toe to toe with Gareth Carter while the dragonborn above (Valando) dropped a wall of flame on top of their cart, igniting it and the surrounding buildings in explosive flame. The rest of the fight was quick and the constables eventually chose to let the dragonborn run away while they knocked over a nearby water tower to stop the fires rather than risk their own deaths.

Reynard, Victor Bays, and Carter had all gone down at one point or another during the fight, it was early in the morning, and the constables were exhausted. They decided to get some sleep now and return to the office and see what leads they had left to follow.

That morning, the 3rd of Summer, Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft told them how the fires had only gotten worse over night. The riots in Parity Lake were increasing in number and violence, but commended them for the work they had put in.

They first decided to interrogate the gnomes from the day before, and with little bargaining, they got everything they needed from them, in exchange for letting them leave the city and never returning. They learned the location of a ship called the Sylvio and the name of the captain, Deorn Feldman. They had until tomorrow night after sundown to go stop that.

Next, they decided to finally follow up with the contacts Dr. Von Recklinghausen left at the House of Blue Birds. First on the list was Dr. Barnaby Camp.

They met up with Dr. Camp at his surgical theater. He was a bit reluctant at first, but when the constables asked about Officer Porter, he calmed down a bit and showed them a letter he had received that very morning from Dr. Von Recklinghausen. It was still rather vague, just asking for help getting to Ber, but validated the unit’s next move of talking to Dr. Kindleton. Camp agreed to pass along any new information he received.

So, they headed to Pardwight University, where they met Dr. Lynn Kindleton as she was dismissing a class. They asked if she had heard from Dr. Von Recklinghausen, and it was very clear that she did not want to talk about it. She was a terrible liar, and the constables told her very firmly that the doctor was in trouble, and they needed to find him as soon as possible. She still seemed reluctant, so Reynard threatened Dr. Kindleton. She finally gave in, and explained the parcel system they had been using to pass goods to him in the Nettles.

The party decided to set a sting operation, where they would wait until a new child picked up the package, and follow them back to where they delivered it. It took almost an hour and a half, but their wait finally paid off, and they set out after the wandering youngster – Reynard and Casimiro del Garra close behind him to remain stealthy and Carter and Reginald Battersea farther back to remain undetected.

About fifteen minutes in to their tail, a strong gust of wind blew through Battersea and Carter. Gale delivered a message, letting them know she wants to meet, and for them to speak a time to set that up. They said five o’clock in the afternoon, and a small yellow canary stayed behind to follow them.

Ahead, del Garra and Reynard continued on. However, a few minutes after that, they were approached by a man bouncing a leather football, asking if they had a few minutes to talk. They were hesitant, and did not want to lose their lead, but they agreed, if he would walk with them. He explained that he was a representative of Lorcan Kell, and that his boss had information on the whereabouts of the northern doctor, if they wanted to listen to what he had to say. They asked if they could do so later, and the man agreed to meet them at the Thinking Man’s Tavern, but that he, and his boss, would not wait long.

They followed the child to the Nettles, where he dropped the package off with a carriage driver in return for a small pouch of something. They decided to follow the carriage driver, and it made a stop at a tenement building where two men in dark suits got out an went inside. Reynard stealthily made his way to the window to listen in, and heard three men inside rummaging through the package, talking about Lorcan Kell, and how they didn’t want to be caught stealing this stuff, but that their meeting was in a hour, and they were very hungry.

The group had a decision. Wait here for an hour, and miss the meeting with Kell’s man, or go and meet him. They chose to head back to the Thinking Man.

When they arrived, Thames Grimsley was deeply involved rousing some other men in the bar, shouting about the fires in the factories and workers’ rights, but the docker never saw the constables and they immediately made their way to their contact, who was sitting in the corner by himself.

He asked them to follow him. He led them past the burning factories and the riots into the winding heart of Parity Lake. They almost immediately saw through Kell’s ruse in the alleyway, and his men good-naturedly apologized for the trick, but warned them not to take their meeting with the boss lightly.

After a quick inventory of their things, they let the constables inside the theater, where they were ushered to the single box seat where Lorcan Kell was waiting.

He greeted them and began to talk at them. He knew they were looking for the doctor. He had him in hiding and was waiting for the right opportunity to make some money from this arrangement. The constables could have him for one thousand gold pieces. Kell made it quite clear that this was not a negotiation, it was the only offer they were going to get. They hesitated, and he told them to watch a show with him while they thought about it. He asked his man, Rufus was his name, to put on a comedy.

The constables were appalled by what they saw. But, knowing they were out-manned, they could do nothing. Kell told them, his men knew they had several thousand gold worth of items on them, and all he needed was one thousand of them. He would let them walk, with specific directions to where the doctor was. With no other choice, and extremely angry, Unit 42 agreed, handed over the amount, and left.

The directions they received were to a small abandoned church in the Nettles. They would just have time to go get the doctor and make their meeting with Gale



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